My visit to New York

When I went to New York right after Christmas I had a blast. I got to see my aunt Monica and my cousins. We as a big family walked around Central Park and ate at the Boathouse for brunch. We walked fro the Upper East Side down through Central Park all the way down to Times Square and Rockefeller Center all the way up to the Upper West Side and back through Central Park back to our hotel in the French district. That day we went to the NHL store and ate at a restaurant near Lincoln Center. Also on that trip we got to see some friends up there and hang out around the city and go to dinner. one night we went to a Broadway play called Jersey Boys and it was amazing. The only bad part of the trip was our flights. The one up there was cancelled while we were boarding, and the one on the way home was overbooked. Overall it was a blast.


Boat Music

Today I will be talking about the best music while crusin’ on your boat. the best music would have to be a chill Bob Marley tune or a good alt-j song if you are wanting to feel relaxed. On the other hand you could listen to some 70’s funk to feel happy and energetic. But if you are like me you will want to listen to some good Indie-Pop or some old rock and roll. You can check out my Boat playlist on Spotify if you want to see more of my tune selection.

Go to Whit Norton and choose my boat playlist its pretty gnarly.


You always want to find the best time to go out on the lake if you want to do water sports. You want the weather to be kind of warm so when you get in the water it will refresh you. You also don’t want it to be windy because it will be too choppy and you wont be successful. I feel the best time to go is a little past summer into early fall or in the spring time because in the mid summer it will be too overpopulated and choppy with all the boats.If you have a place on the lake or you are just visiting the best spot to do ski, wakeboard ect. is in a cove because of the calmer waters.